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Parents: Teen killed in accident wasn't car surfing | News

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Parents: Teen killed in accident wasn't car surfing

DALLAS, Ga. – Parents of a teenager killed after being run over are disputing reports that he was car surfing prior to his death.

Georgia State Patrol Troopers said 16-year-old Alex Desalis fell off the hood of a Jeep his friend was driving Saturday afternoon and was run over.

Troopers said Desalis had possibly been “car surfing” prior to falling off, and that charges are pending against the driver.  Desalis was sent to Paulding WellStar Hospital and airlifted to Grady Hospital in Atlanta in critical condition. He died Sunday evening.


Desalis’ mother, Michelle Guthrie, denies her son was car surfing and doesn’t want to see the friend face charges.

"I don't want probation. I don't want her in jail,” Michelle Guthrie said.  “It was an accident.  We feel more bad for the family -- for what they're going through as well."

Desalis’ parents say the teen jokingly asked a friend for a ride a few yards down the road.

"It wasn't a car surfing adventure,” said Kenneth Guthrie, Alex’s father. “It was him climbing up on his friend’s [vehicle] -- the hood of her car, on all fours more than likely being funny, trying to get a laugh by twerking."

That type of humor was pure Alex.

“If he saw somebody who was having a bad day, Alex felt it was his job to make their day better -- to make them laugh," his mother said.

Alex was described as a young man full of life, who died the day after impact in a hospital room. With gifts in his name already under the family's Christmas tree, it’s an unimaginable loss for his family.

“Don’t think it can’t happen to you, because it can," his mother said.