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South Paulding High School says goodbye to teens killed in crash | News

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South Paulding High School says goodbye to teens killed in crash

DALLAS, Ga. -- The South Paulding High School community said good-bye to two of its own on Thursday at West Ridge Church in Dallas. 

Kylie Lindsey, 17, and Isabella Chinchilla, 16, were killed last Saturday in a Carroll County crash. Their funerals took place within hours of each other at West Ridge Church in Dallas.

The overcast skies seemed to match the solemn mood.

"It’s a very hard day to have two families from our community hurting today," West Ridge Head Pastor Paul Richardson said. 

 "It’s a sad day. Sad day for so many students," said Todd Hamilton, Youth Pastor, who preached the eulogy for Isabella in the morning.

At South Paulding High Kylie was in her senior year and Isabella was a sophomore.

"They were full of life. They lit up the hallways of their schools," Richardson said. 

It’s why hundreds of students attended both services at West Ridge Church.  The church is the largest in the area to order to hold the large crowds.  It was also a place where Isabella had attended Wednesday night services for teens

"She made the room more energetic and friends more engaged just by being here," said RIchardson.

Some of the same students who paid their respects to Isabella, returned for Kylie’s funeral in the afternoon. While the services were closed to the media, RIchardson explained the families wanted the program to be a celebration of the lives of the girls,

“You encourage them to grieve. Encourage students who are unfamiliar with the grief process that anyone goes through, to just allow it to happen. To feel those feelings of hurt and anger and even, joy and laughter for everything they’ve got.  To not hold it in. I think that’s really key for students to make sure they’re sharing with one another the stories, the memories and not retreating back,” said Richardson.