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6 back-to-school tips | Families

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6 back-to-school tips
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6 back-to-school tips

ATLANTA -- As the first group of local students returns to class Thursday, Huntington Learning Center is giving parents six back-to-school tips.

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First, the center suggests getting kids to set goals. They should reflect on last school year and talk about what they would like to accomplish this year. It's a good time to talk about what they're excited about and also what worries them.

Second, Huntington says the desk and home should be organized. For example, create designated study areas and have all the resources students need, including a family calendar. When kids come home, a spot for backpacks, shoes and jackets is also ideal. 

Schedules should be established or reset, including a daily routine with a bedtime and a time to wake up every day. There should also be a routine time for homework, a snack and dinner. 

Fourth, the American Optometric Association recommends kids get their eyes checked, as they can have everything from burning and tired eyes to headaches and neck pain from too much staring at computer screens.

It's important for students to start the day with a good breakfast. A Tufts University study found a link between eating breakfast and school performance.

Finally, Huntington recommends setting a positive tone for children. No matter how last school year went, show your kids you support them and are optimistic about their success.

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