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The day the earth shook Dallas | News

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The day the earth shook Dallas
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The day the earth shook Dallas

Dallas, Ga. -- Around 1:30 this afternoon, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit central Virginia.

Read about the quake here

Tremors were felt as far north as Toronto, as far west as Indianapolis and as far south as Metro Atlanta.

Dallas residents had this to say about the effects of the quake:

I was sitting on my couch and it started shaking...wasn't sure what it was....turned down my tv to see if I could hear something but hear nothing ...really thought I was losing my mind...When my friend called saying there had been an earthquake...--  Trina

I wondered what was making my apartment bldg. feel as though it was moving. It felt like vibrations from a train on a train track was in the apartment. --  Tarsha

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