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Suspect stole package full of girl's birthday gifts | News

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Suspect stole package full of girl's birthday gifts

DALLAS, Ga — A suspect is wanted for stealing a package from the front porch of a Dallas home owner and with it he took the gifts for a 12-year-old child’s birthday.

Paulding County Sheriff Investigators are hopeful a home surveillance camera will help them identify the culprit.

“It's scary,” said Eric Truitt. Truitt’s wife Stacy and two children were home when the theft was captured on his surveillance system. “I mean it's a bold and brazen act to walk up to someone's house in the middle of the day.”

It happened at around noon Monday. A suspect wearing a black jacket, maroon pants and a unique cap took the box and ran back to a car parked in the Truitt’s driveway. The suspect is seen putting the box in the trunk and then getting in the passenger side while another suspect drove the car away.

“He could have got into our house, our alarm system was off and we were here at the house, we were just sitting in the other room,” said Truitt’s 12-year-old daughter Amber.

Amber Truitt is the real victim because today is her 12th birthday and the package that was stolen was filled with about $300 worth of gifts. But she didn’t seem to be bothered by the loss of some toys. Instead she worried that the suspects may have stolen other people’s packages.

“It's hard on other people too because they buy that stuff with their own money and some of it might be more important than some other people realize,” Amber said.

“Hopefully when he opened the box he realized that there were children affected,” her father said. “You always hope that somehow it would change them but I don't expect that to be the case.”

It doesn't look like the suspect knew he was on camera. He wore a black jacket with maroon pants and a unique hat. It was a San Francisco 49er cap with a logo on the brim.

The suspect got into a 2007-09 convertible Mustang with a custom scoop hood. Eric Truitt feels confident someone who sees his video will know who he is.

“When you take a risk that big sometimes it's really not worth it because there are some people out there who are smarter than you think,” Amber Truitt said. “And when you do something bad eventually someone's going to find out.”

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