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Elderly woman scammed by fake cops | News

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Elderly woman scammed by fake cops

DALLAS, Ga -- Paulding County investigators are looking for three people posing as police officers who are preying on seniors. They conned one woman out of $12,000.

The 73-year-old Dallas woman did not want to be identified because she was embarrassed by what happened. But she wanted other people like her to be aware and to not do what she did and report a crime when it happens.

"When people come around and ask you questions, you have to be aware of them," she said.

On Oct. 28, an unidentified male and female knocked on her door, posing as police officers conducting an undercover investigation. "When I opened the door up they said, 'We have a warrant for your arrest,'" she said.

The woman had earlier been conned out of $4,000, but failed to report it to police because she said she was embarrassed. "They did say they were sheriff and they did have gold badges on their belt," the woman said.

Paulding County authorities said both suspects were dressed in business attire. They told the woman they knew she was scammed a few months ago and needed her assistance to catch the persons responsible.

The suspects drove the victim to the Sun Trust bank inside the Publix on Highway 120 in Powder Springs. The victim said she was instructed to withdraw $8,000. She said they told her the teller was involved in the initial scam and they would arrest her once the withdrawal was made. "They said 'we've got to get this teller, the teller is in on it,'" the woman said.

A third suspect was inside the bank when the woman made the withdrawal. Investigators released surveillance photos of that suspect in hopes that someone can identify him.

Once the transaction was made, the two suspects promised to pay the victim a $10,000 reward. The victim gave the $8,000 to the suspects and they took her back to her Dallas home. The suspects never returned.

This time the victim called police. "They (suspects) don't have any kind of morals," she said. "They don't even think about their parents, if they have parents, would you do that to them?"

The Paulding County Sheriff Office warned other potential victims about the scam in a news release Friday. "If you have been a victim of a similar scam, please do not let embarrassment prevent you from contacting law enforcement to report the crime," the statement said.

If anyone recognizes the individual in the surveillance photo from the bank or has information about the suspects, contact the Paulding County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division at 770-443-3015.

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